Auto Injury Relief Care In Round Rock, TX

Dr. Heather Hamilton Helps Many People Heal From Whiplash Injuries And Get Quick And Effective Pain Relief. She Will Do A Thorough Exam And Consultation To Determine The Best Treatment Plan Catered For You.

Pain After A Car Accident Can Occur Days AndĀ Even Months After The Collision, So It Is Imperative To Get Your Spine Check Immediately Following The Auto Accident By A Licensed Chiropractor. The Sooner You Get Your Spine Checked After The Auto Accident By Dr.Hamilton, The Faster You Can Receive Relief.

Over The Last Few Years, Research Has Been Conducted Proving That Injuries Can And Do Occur In Low Impact Collisions. The Most Common Injury Is Whiplash (Or Neck Injuries). Whiplash With Minor Neck And Back Injuries Was Found To Occur In Sudden Changes Of Speed Of Only 2.5 Miles Per Hour.

While A Vehicle Does Absorb The Brute Force Of The Crash, The Force Is Transferred To Occupant(s), Leading To Many Forms Of Neck, Back, And Spinal Injuries. Often Times, Injuries Incurred During An Auto Accident Cannot Be Seen Externally, Such As Soft Tissue Injuries (Injuries To Muscles, Ligaments, And Discs) And Can Heal With Scar Tissue Which Can Ache Years Later. The Damage To The Spine Can Lead To Recurring Headaches, Neck Pain, Stiffness, Chronic Muscle Tension And Spasms, Lower Back Pain, Spinal Disc Degeneration, Inflamed Arthritis, Sore And Tight Inflexible Muscles, And A Greater Chance Of Repeat Injury And Poor Posture.

Dr. Heather Hamilton Caters Care To Each Of Her Patients And Practices Gentle Chiropractic. Chiropractic Care Is Extremely Important After Injury From An Auto Accident As The Body Is In An Inflamed And Delicate State. Get Pain Relief Now By Call Amazing Relief Chiropractic At 512-341-0028. Schedule An Appointment Today.